I’m Angela, a childless aunt, who sometimes goes by Angie.

Katie is my niece. She’s a tween (turns 12 in 2009, the year this blog started).

Katie and I share an IQ ranking (top 2% ish), a middle name (Jane), and a some key personality predispositions.

Whenever I am around Katie, I have the urge to share with her every piece of life lesson advice I’ve ever learned, in hopes that she might not have to learn all of them the hard way(s) herself.

Thankfully for Katie, usually I just keep my mouth shut and work on being fun instead. So I am writing down all the things I am keeping myself from telling her during our precious few hours together, and posting them to this blog. I don’t know that Katie, or the world, will actually benefit from my collected thoughts. I don’t even know that Katie will ever actually read these things. It doesn’t seem to be the most important part of writing them.

I do know that I love reading letters that other people write to children they love. The format seems to distill realism, optimism, and love into palatable wisdom. At least it works that way when others do it; we’ll see how mine turns out.

Aunt Angie


2 Responses to “About”

  1. gypsyjonga Says:

    This is a gorgeous blog, Angie and Katie.

    May I link to it from mine?


    • aunt angie Says:

      Of course, Jenny, thanks so much! You are actually the first person I don’t know in person to comment on it, so I’m unbelievably happy – thanks!

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