This Blog Has Moved

This blog has moved. The new address is:

The reason for the move is that Katie is finally back from camp, so I have finally had a chance to talk with her and her sister about the blog. It was anonymous because I wanted to check before I used their names non-anonymously. It was only addressed to Katie because it was simpler from a narrative perspective.

However, both Katie (11) and Claire (9) are actually very excited about having letters to them published on the web, and possibly into a book someday. But Claire preferred that her name was included as well (which almost made me cry with happiness), so the blog needs to change titles.

Katie and Claire both said they would read the letters and give me feedback on them, including questions, so if I find myself changing letters because of their questions, I will re-post the new versions along with their commentary on the originals.

I hope you join me at the new location!

Aunt Angie